Is it normal for a boyfriend to get jealous at least once?

We are long distance right now and I lost my cool after two years I got really suspicious and asked her about a couple petty things with this guy at her work. I apologized told her she can do whatever she wants to I trust her. She told me about her past was pretty slutty. Is this normal I've never shown her insecurity at all until now. She brought it up again when I was drunk got pissed at her got in an argument . Feel like I definitely lost my edge.


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  • U have to talk to her alone & apologise again dude & she should know that u were drunk & u wasn't awake...

    • I mean after two years this is the only time I've shown to be jealous and not trusting her. Is this normal in a relationship? She's been jealous in the past before two at least once.

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    • Yeah she wants to go to cochella this year I can't go. Brought some insecurity up again but I'm just going to play it cool.

    • Come on man forget about the insecurity thing u're not going to war :p hehe ... u're going to talk to ur girl... my advice be confident & don't think negatively like she well not speak to u a gain or something... think about it positively like u 2 gonna be happy together in the near future... If u thought about it in negative way u'll still like this... an advice & a rule 4 the rest of ur life don't think about negativity delete it from ur life but think about how positively u r u well always c success & get whatever u want...