He gives me grief, anxiety and trouble. Why do I still love what hurts me the most?

He gives me constant anxiety. He plays mind games with me telling me how he cheated on me and wait for a reaction and then tells me it was a joke. He is a prescription abuser.
But he also has these really sweet tender moments where I know, he truly loves me. He has days where he's the most caring guy I've known. But that could change in the matter of days. Everytime we hangout I feel like i am with a different person with the same face every time.
Yesterday he overdosed on his prescription medicine for insomnia and I wouldn't allow him to drive home. He got pissed and passed out on my couch. I had to go get his family to come get him and take him home so he wouldn't drive himself. I did that so he wouldn't fall asleep at the wheel. He told me I don't give a shit and he's done with me.
He dumped me because I cared and loved too much and he didn't see it. He wants a break from me to allow me to think what I want.
I haven't responded to any of his texts or advances. Apart of me says let go and it's not worth my time, another still misses and loves him and wants me to fix it, I'm torn. I didn't do anything wrong. I didn't even shed a tear when he wrote that.

His last text message:

idc how long the brake it, even if you're done with it tomorrow.
i just want you to think about what you want, and how we can see eachother normally. if it ends up with you leaving me thats fine.
i just want you to think with me not in the picture.


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  • The part of yiu that wants him back is not healthy.
    Codependency and lack of self worth


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  • These men are very catchy

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