I'm losing the love of my life?

Over a year ago I met the most wonderful guy in the world.
He may not have been the prettiest or the smartest, but he was the most selfless.
He overlooked my faults & treated me like a princess. He loved me.
When the university year ended we went to our homes & the distance was too much for my emotions to handle.
We ended, but never really ended.
That summer was a battle of back & forth, loving each other & no being able to love each other.
When university began again the summer had taken a toll on the relationship & no matter how hard we tried it would not work like it once did.

September came & once again we tried.
This time it worked.
We had weeks of pure bliss, both seeing what we once had, although minority scarred, the potential was there.
I went overseas & much to our amazement it got stronger & stronger until he once again said i love you.
We spoke everyday, skyped once a week, had plans of adventures, plans to be together
I bought him presents & i thought it would never end, so different to every other time we tried.

Then one day, about 3 1/2 months after we had started, everyday became every few days… i started to worry.
When i asked what was going on, i got vague answers like “life is so hard”.
I decided space was what he needed, to focus on his thoughts & decide what he wanted.
He hasn’t contacted me in 5 days.
What do I do?


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  • Jesus Christ, you're a walking soap opera.

    You love this guy so much you're in a friends with benefits situation overseas and you've fallen for that guy too. Give me a break...

    What do you do? When you get back to wherever you're from, meet up with him, spend time with him and express what you wish.

    • Ummm what are you talking about?

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    • Uhhh no, I haven't been with anyone else while i've been overseas & i leave in a week.
      I think you might be getting me confused with someone else...

    • If you say so.

What Girls Said 1

  • Routine. He doesn't feel the excitement he once felt. He's gotten used to you.
    Look, if you feel like you're losing him, then he's not the "love of your life".
    Plus, everyone can be replaced.