Is this fling over?

Sorry if this is long. At the start of the summer, I met a guy in a club we instantly was attracted to each other and we shared a kiss, and exchanged numbers, I was honest and told him I have recently separated from my husband and have 3 children. He said no big deal I like you, but admitted he does have a girlfriend!. So I said goodbye!.. a few days later he text me, just flirtatious banter really, but I reminded him he was spoken for, he said he couldn't get me off his mind and can't help it. anyway we texted each other about 20 times a day, met up with his and my friends in the club a few times, shared kisses but that all. this went on for 6 weeks. I was taking my children on holiday so told him I would be away for a few weeks, we agreed on a date the day before I went away, it was great and we told each other how we felt and it was mutual. he text that night to say have a good time and will see me when I get back. I text on holiday and said thinking of you etc. he text me straight back, I text him a few times he always replied back. came home text him to say I was back and can't wait to see you on sat. no reply, I left it 4 days text him again. no reply.. so I left it another 4 days and called him, he apologized for ignoring me, but I was so angry I had put the phone down. he text me an hour later he said not cool. I text back you ignoring me wasn't cool either.. he ignored that. so I left it and he finally text me a few day later to say sorry, I asked him what happened, he replied the guilt got to him, so I said if he was struggling I would of backed off, and still will if he wants. He said it is.. I offered friendship he said will see I guess! so I said good night. and that's it, I can't stop thinking about him, I know its wrong, but he gave me butterflies and I have never had that before, I am so confused.


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  • Usually the cheating guy is the only ass. But when the girl he's cheating with KNOWS he's cheating I'm sorry but I gotta say she's an ass too. I know he made you feel "alive" but think about your own ended marriage and how you would've felt to be his girlfriend.

    Consider the "fling" over. He's chosen his girlfriend over you.


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