Advice on whether to pursue a potential dead end?

Basically from the start, a few months ago I met this girl who came up with her friend who is going out with one of my friends for a night out. The day after myself, this girl my mate and his GF and another friend went for food. While I was out I noticed (I don't know whether I imagined it though or it was real) she kept looking at me even when I wasn't talking.

Anyway we spoke a bit after that but she went travelling for 3 months so I didn't say anything to her while she was away because I didn't want to bother her while she was on holiday.

My actual question is should I try and spark the conversation back up with her because the likelihood is that she has forgot who I am now and will just think I'm annoying trying to talk to her or should I just leave it be?
I'm undecided what to do because one of my friends who is quite good with women says to leave it unless she speaks to me first (which is highly unlikely) because it'll make me look desperate whilst another friend of mine said speak to her when she gets back.

Will it make me look desperate if I talk to her right away when she comes back?


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  • No, do not speak to her right away! That will make you look desperate on so many levels!! Just spark up a conversation when you see her, but make it casual, say something common, something like "How was your vacation?" or something like that.

    • I won't be able to see her because she lives a few hours away from me the only form of communication I have with her is on Facebook?

  • Talk to her


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