Why has he stopped texting as much when he says he still loves me?

My boyfriend has recently withdrawn from texting me as frequently as we used to, in the past 2 days. However, when I asked why - not in a clingy way - he assured me he just didn't feel like texting anyone, that he still loved me and that there was nothing to be worried about. As I overthink things, this was not comforting in the least. I get so scared that he's losing interest, despite maintaining that he loves me. I'm worried that I've done something to push him away, make him hate me, or not care for me anymore. Only 5 days ago, we had a wonderful time together and I truly felt appreciated by him. He had previously mentioned that he hates texting, but I always assumed I was an exception to this, as he would text constantly. I know that he is on his phone, however, because he's liked my posts online, and other people's. Now I'm beginning to wonder whether this sudden drop in communication via text, is indicative of an imminent breakup. Am I right to feel this way, or is nothing wrong? Should I be worried that he's lost feelings for me? Or is this typical male behaviour? If it is that he just needs a break from texting, how so? And why do guys hate texting so much? He says it's because it takes too long, but if he's always on his phone, how is that a possible reason? I'm not trying to be overly attached or needy, I know it sounds such a way. All I need is truthful reassurance that everything is okay, and that he doesn't hate me.


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  • you are justified for feeling anxious. He does not hate you.


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