Guys, Emotion and Passion?

How do guys REALLY feel about emotion and passion in a relationship. I am a very passionate gal, and I love to feel passion back, and I love to feel loved <---- (who doesn't). So I'm just wondering what the guys take is? How do you feel about passionate girls? How do you want your relationship to be?


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  • Guys want emotion and passion just like girls. Maybe you don't see a lot of that cause you are a teenager and most teenage boys just want to fuck. But just wait a few years, you'll see.

    • Yeah. That's true. I wish they could be more mature, but I suppose they just have to go through that phase of life.

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  • Well my gf, my daughter's mother is not the type of girl and im glad.

    In the wife zone chart, she's about a 10/10 intelligent, 5/10 crazy, and 8/10 hot (yes men do use this chart)

    I dated bold, passionate and brazen type of girls. Every single one of them was a mistake. One thing I learned, passion swings both ways, they can love you twice and hate you thrice as much.

    • Yes, passion does definitely swing both ways, because passionate people tend to feel everything more intensely. Interesting chart you got there.

  • As a young man, I was mostly puppy love and lust. Passion sometimes takes a while to develop in guys.

  • I absolutely love passionate girls who are in tune with their emotions.

    To be honest, this is the hardest thing for me to find in a girl. So many come off as so emotionless and frigid; huge turn off!

    • Really? Wow. I think its because they are afraid they will come off as overbearing. I know its one of my fears, but I don't let it stop me from being who I am.

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    • Women tend to feel that a stoic guy is more "manly"

    • Yeah. I see that a lot.

  • A relationship of...

    No secrets
    Shy cutie

    All that i would ever wish for in one piece ☺️

  • Emotion and passion are important in a relationship.


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