Text message Drama? :/

I have this friend, which we get along pretty well but he is a little shy so I'm not sure if he likes me as more as friend. So this weekend he call me few times and I didn't really hear my cell ring, and also call me from one of his friends phone... the next morning I saw he call and saw a number that I didn't know so I decided to text the number and ask who it was... I got a reply saying it was a friend of my friend, we ended up texting for a while... so I get a text from my friend saying "wy you trying to flirt with my homeboy?" Which I wasn't.. really it just my personality but oh well... I told him that I wasn't but it just comes out... he was like "whatever ok" I asked him if he wanted me to stop texting with him because it seem that it was bothering him.. He said "no its not I'm not your BF, its up to you", So At the sametime I was txting the other dude, we were having a conversation after all... so the next text I receive its from my friend saying, " I know you still texting him because I'm getting All the texts!" which this made me mad! But at the same time really didn't care...I wasn't doing nothing wrong... I AM A SINGLE GIRL! so after that text I told him That I will stop texting his friend, I did it because it seem it really upset him, plus don't need that like drama in my life... but this made me wonder if he likes me more than a friend... or he didn't want me to "flirt" with his friend... ? I saw him the next day, and he seem a little upset, you could see it on his face... he wasn't as friendly with me as he usually is..



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  • well really you don't have to "take it" at all. your single and you can text who you want. its like your guy friend wants some control over which guys your talking to, which implies that he sees you as more than a friend. if I were you I wouldn't let it bother me. continue doing what you want, it really isn't your problem if he gets upset because it shouldnt be a problem to him in the first place. he's choosing to make it a problem. if he wants to constantly worry about who your talking to, let him. its not your fault. hope this helps. :)

    • Yes that is true. they only thing why I back off.. was because it was his friend.. and I dnt want drama later on.. but if it was other guy, I wouldn't have really bother me at all.

      and thanks :)

    • No problem :) just as long as you know what you wana do, and do it, you'll be fine

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