How to tell when a girl I like playing hard to get, or just un-interested? I just told her I like her and she seems OK with it. Thoughts?

So I met this girl at the beginning of the school year, she asked for my number so we could study for our class together. When we studied it often just turned into us talking and hanging out on her couch. Once and awhile we would run into each other at the bar and she would always come up and put her arm around my lower back or playfully kick me with her boot, she is really cute! I've always felt like we've always had a mutual attraction. We've texted a lot and she likes my stuff on facebook/instagram and vice versa. When she found out I liked her she started snapchatting me more pictures of herself than she did before too.

Sometime I feel like she likes me too and we are on the same page but then I she will say something like "that girl digs you" or "find a pretty girl to go home with tonight" and it confuses me a lot! She changed the way she acted around me once she knew I liked her, responding to my texts faster, snapchatting me more etc.

She found out last week that I liked her, so she text and asked me about it, I told her she heard right, she replied really? And a I said yes.

She hasn't stopped talking to me, so I took that as a good sign. Today I asked her if she had plans this weekend and she said homework, so I asked her if she was free and she said " I'm not really sure yet! " so I said let me know, I want to take you out bowling and she said with a group? And fell asleep haha.

I really like her a lot, and I want to take her out bowling as a very casual date, but I can't quit tell if she's into me too or just to nice to say she's not. She is really cool and id like to ask her steady. Any thoughts?

Also her last boyfriend cheated on her. Could this have a lot to do with her being hesitant?


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  • Girls are very bad at rejecting guys.. especially me.. but if she isn't interested she will make a stupid excuse not to go out with you so if she does then she probably likes you! I don't think i would go out with a guy i am not interested in with just because i feel bad for him.


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