How do you tell a girl you like her?

so how should I tell this girl I like her. it kind of goes along with something I posted about a week ago but I will give a narrow version of that. i meet this girl in the dorms halfway through the quarter and i became friends with her and her 2 friends that she meet in the dorms. towards the end i hung out with them quite a bit! but over break the girl im starting getting feelings for we actually started talking a lot on snapchat messages (even though i had her cell # and Facebook. But it seemed like some of the messages were flirty because i definitely tried to be cute and funny at in my responses. and it seemed like she reciprocated back to!. and we had a really nice convo going on there for a good week maybe. after that toward the last cuple days of break her responses became less and less it seems and shorter replies. when i got back to school i saw her the next day but didn't get a hug or anything and it seemed like i didn't get acknowledged by her at all or anything ya know.. and since then i have only seen her once to help get her car back from storage but her friends came to so i couldn't talk to her. and during that time she didn't even really talk to me at all. i feel she already knows but i still need to talk to her about it. i been really down about this whole thing because i don't know what to do. i want to be friends with her still but don't want awkwardness. the main reason why i want to tell her though is because i want to know if the "flirty" messages were just a miscommunication or something because i feel like they were but i don't know. i don't know how to talk to her alone, because I don't want to just message her about because something like this needs to be face to face, so what do I do?


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  • Maybe I'm coming way out from left field, but maybe you shouldn't straight up tell her.
    It is my perspective that you should never say "I like you. I love you" is OK because it is used further in the relationship, but in the initial stages "I like you" is like fishing (An average Joe has a pretty shitty chance of catching a fish right off the bat - we leave that to pros). It is (y) our job to get women to like us initially just by doing things, not saying things - remember actions have a deeper impact than words, and anyone can say anything at the start (that's beside the point though).

    What I would do if I were you is take her on a date. or have coffee (you're in college so that's and easy in), or ask for help with a class - anything to get one on one time. After a bit of conversation time ask about messages in a kind of sneaky manner (make sure to read the conversation, as that will dictate A. whether or not to ask and B. how to ask). Then move from there... We can't spell out what to do for you because you won't be you and we don't want that to happen.

    DO NOT say the words "I LIKE YOU" or anything of that nature unless she does so first or at least gives a big hint at it, or else you will either lose a friend or she will walk all over you (the we can still be friends b. s. just gets awkward so don;t get your hopes up).

    P. S. Girls do tend to get over a guy somewhat soon after the initial attraction.
    P. S. P. S. I don't agree with the notion of playing games or any of that but sadly, the beginning stages of most relationships are a battle for dominance - so make sure not to tip your hand too early.
    P. S. P. S. P. S. All of the above is only one man's opinion, so do with it as you wish, but please at least acknowledge the aforementioned.


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  • Just come right out and tell her. Cut the games. If she feels the same way she'll be elated; if she doesn't, you'll know.

    Show it first before saying it. And if you made any kind of promises to her beforehand, don't backslide on them if she admits she isn't interested.

    • ok thanks, I think the thing im having trouble though is getting to talk to her when she's alone and not with her 2 best friends. and I feel like I did alredy show and that was when we were really talkin a lot but didn't tell her at time! but yeah I wouldn't backslid im note of guy ( I think something like that has happended to her already from guys her, and I don't want to end the friendship)