Should I change the date plan?

So I ask this Girl that I really like out on for a second date, but she's always really busy and isn't available, don't get me wrong though, she always apologizes and explains why she's busy so I don't get the vibe that she isn't interested.
Problem I think is that I planned to have lunch with her but she has work so should I just move it to dinner? would dinner be too forward for a second date?

I feel so bad because I had gotten her a small meaningful Christmas present and haven't been able to give it to her but I've also had to keep it a secret so I can surprise her. It's gonna be a real late present haha :S


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  • Well, if you feel like it maybe a problem then talk to her & reschedule. :) Are u sure she's working around that time?

    • she works in retail, so I'm quite sure she's free for dinner

    • Oh okay then, well yeah try to reschedule & that should be better for her. :)

What Guys Said 1

  • Dam, I've been in the exact same position before bro. But here's what I realized. When she apologises does she make an attempt to reshedule? Because if she doesn't, it's not a a good sign..

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