How to date someone the same gender as me?

I'm pretty sure that I'm bisexual, or at the very least, bi-curious, and I'm considering playing the dating field in search of another girl. However, it's not been as easy as finding a guy. Most people I know are straight, and when I meet new people it's hard to assume. Does anyone have any tips?


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  • You're ungerage so gay clubs aren't a possibility yet but def visit some when you're old enough!

    Now, I'm 100% sure there are at least 10 gay/lesbian/bi persons at your school. If you befriend them, you'll meet more people from the lgbt community because I'm sure they have friends like that.

    The thing is, it's gonna be easier to identify some gay guys so just pay attention and try to be their friend! they'll introduce you to other people.

    You can also use apps like tinder, or meet girls through Facebook, etc. But remember it can be dangerous! so be careful and if you're gonna meet, do it in a public place and if you can, ask your friends to go with you.

    • Thanks for the comprehensive answer! I might wait until after I turn 18 to date a girl, I might get a bit of slack for it at school. ^.^ thanks for the advise!

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    • Thanks for MHO and good luck!

    • No probs! And you're most certainly welcome~ <3

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  • i'm bisexual myself and most of my community are homophobes so wish i could help but i ain't got nuthin'. good luck

  • Online dating sites like plenty of fish, tinder, downelink. You can seach for people who are lesbian or bisexual so you wouldn't have to worry about asking if they are straight

  • Girls are naturally timid. So you aren't likely to meet a girl on the prowl. Maybe there is a lesbian dating site...

    I know at least 3 lesbian bars in my county


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