Any matchmaking companies in the US?

Hi guys!

Does any of you know any decent match making companies?



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  • All reported to me and witnessed pairings are NOT as advertised and many big names are used by sex trollers to gain one night stands only.
    I would say that Christian Mingles has produced a nice guy or two but just as many certified stalkers crazies.

    Better off joining a country club or sports/dance club/classes... and keep changing clubs until you find one worthy of further study.

    • Thank you! But the problem is I'm in China. :)

    • Gee, that would have been nice to know before spending time/effort trying to help you.
      I guess one only gets out of a project (GAG Question) what one puts into it; reap what you sow.
      One more try:
      these long distance match sites are to make themselves money pretending to serve your needs, the more desperate the need, the more profits = these don't work and the best "matches" witnessed are either flashes in the pan or mismatched... but close enough that the most desperate will try to make it work even if only semi-happy. If simply US citizenship is your goal, good luck on your false pretenses. If your goal is also to include happiness for all, then best to get a college degree arranged in US and work your goals on US soil in person.