Which girl is better for LTR?

First girl works as a critical care physician. 7 day weeks, 14 hour days. Has a cold professional, extremely intelligent side and is exceptionally passionate and feminine on occasional day off, but is usually tired. She is highly opinionated, and if you annoy her, she gets passionately angry where the only solution is to back down. Her career is above all. You take care of her, but she makes 400k/yr. However, in any medical emergency of course, she knows exactly what to do. 9/10 in appearance.

Second girl is a store manager. 5 day weeks, 8 hour days. Usually bubbly and happy-go-lucky, she is the girl next door type. She is less opinionated, and you can argue with her with little and annoy her a little. You are number 1 in her life along with her family. She can take care of you. 50k/yr income, 9/10 in appearance.

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  • Even without the salary I'd choose Girl 1. She might get opinionated but that means we'll be able to have intellectual conversations and that would make me feel more comfortable than any girl who just agreed blindly to whatever I said.