There are five guys (none involved in flipping burgers) who do you choose?

They all look the same with the same raw intelligence, wittiness, loyalty, and good looks. They only differ in what they know based on occupation. Who would you marry?

Person 1: Pro athlete. He's very busy now, and travels a lot. After 5 years, he will be home all the time and do whatever you both like. Makes 5 mil/year right now, which will decrease to 0 in 5 years. Best sex, best body.

Person 2: Doctor. He's very busy. In the days off, he can bring you to some very interesting places. Makes 500k a year. Most educated.

Person 3: CEO. He is the best talker and most dominant. He can take vacations when he likes, but his job is not the most stable. He knows all the best places in town. Makes $2 million a year.

Person 4: Heir. He goes out and does whatever you both like whenever you want it. Never needs to work and has the most friends. Can spend $500k a year for life.

Person 5: Gang leader. He is the ultimate fearless bad boy. Rides motorcycle, possesses incredible outlaw romance, and is tough as nails. He'll do whatever you want on the other side of the law. Because his father has corrupted the system, he will never go to jail. Racketeering makes 500k a year.

Who do you choose.

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  • Person 3 :) best talker and most dominant are good haha!


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  • I would say person 1 or 2

  • My favorites are 1,2, and 3/ it's so hard to chose


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