Will his parents like me?

My bf has invited many times to his house, like to eat with his family but I have denied them is just im worried about what if parents don't like me and im very shy I don't know Im to scared how can get over it? I would to go meet them is just im shy and scared of what they might think of me


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  • By constantly declining the offer , it looks rude and is giving them reason not too like you.

    You have to face this.
    You cannot run forever.
    You have to push your shyness aside and meet his family.
    You are insulting them without knowing it.

    Eventually, you will warm up to them.
    Sooner or later you will be yourself around them without feeling pressure.
    Just have your boyfriend tell them ahead of time, that you are very shy.

    I am sure they will understand.
    Meeting someones parents is a big deal.

    • thank you, and I didn't want to make seem rude, im just this face it , thank u

    • No problem. Good luck !

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  • Just go and do it. As long as you are moderately pleasant they will like you.


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  • it dosent matter wheather your inlaws like you or not.