I think I'm falling for this guy in my class, though I don't want to and I'm not sure his flirting means something?

The first time I met this guy in my class I thought he was cute but didn't pay any attention to him because he is 4 years younger and, I thought, a bit out of my league, and not a very smart move to start something with a guy from my class.
Since a few weeks he's been flirting a bit, mostly online but now in the classroom as well.
"Fun" fact is, I'm afraid I'm starting to fall for him.
My friends are talking about it, his friends probably notice it too, his behaviour towards me.
I thought I just liked the attention but now when he leaves without saying goodbye, I'm annoyed and sometimes even a bit jealous.
I'm not the best at flirting so it's not that easy for me to make him notice I'm kinda into him too...
If you have any advice or something, that would be great :-)

Update: he asked me out, but now I'm somewhat doubting because I'm afraid things will get awkward at school, and what if it doesn't work out? What if he's not my type when I get to know him better? Ugh, when he's not interested it's bad, when he is interested... it's bad as well


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  • There are no guarantees but death and taxes in life, sweetie, and this is no exception to my Rule of Thumb... however, with you beginning your beguine with "I'm afraid I'm starting to fall for him,' this could lead to a problem where your heart will be the one who suffers in the end, so stop and take things easy right now.
    Work hard on being strong and Not wear your heart on your sleeve, although easier said than done, I know. You have this First date with him, but you are Not sure at all what his intentions of wanting a Real relationship is so just go slow with the flow so there can be More in store and a possible----Second date.
    If anything goes South, if somewhere down the road you both want different things here, dear, agree to be friends, end it in a friendly like manner, being you have to see one another in Class every day.
    This is just one of those times you have to play Russian Roulette but keep in mind when it comes to your own heart that is this wheel that needs protection, so keep your guard up and understand what the odds are that you could get hurt if it stops with the wrong hands at the wheel.
    Good luck. xx

    • Great answer, thanks so much!
      We're going out tomorrownight and I'll see how things go. It's annoying that he's in my class, since if things wouldn't work out or something goes wrong, I'll have to see him almost every day until October. But I'll see how things go tomorrow, if he tries anything or makes a move, I'll just tell him that I'd like to take things slow and see where things go since we need to be civil people in class after that.

    • Thank you so much sweetie and thank you for allowing me to help teach a class.. Good luck tomorrow nite and yes, slow with his flow.:)) xxoo

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  • are you 25 and him 21?

    • Yeah

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    • Again you're right. I'll see how things go in class tomorrow and maybe I'll be a bit more bolder in flirting back. Thanks!

    • np. lemme know! :)

  • You just can't avoid falling for someone. The best thing to do now is asking yourself what you really want and if you're willing to try. If you're not, just continue doing what you're doing now. If you are, I think you should just ask him out because the way he flirts makes it obvious that he's into you.

  • Well, just stop yourself.

  • can't help who you fall for. try asking him out! maybe there is something there!

    • I'd want to, though two things are holding me back: he's in my class (so there will be a lot of gossip which I'm not a big fan of) and two: I don't know if he's serious with the flirting. He put his hand on mine and he does need some confirmation (like teasingly saying: "I know you want me", "I'm so distracted with the thought of you sitting here that I can't focus on class). It just makes me wonder why he's not making a move towards me? (I know, it's not always the guys who have to make the move!)

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    • That's a horrible feeling indeed. Thanks for the advice! I hope you'll forget about her soon, good luck!

    • Good luck too you!!

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