Planning a nice and fun date for my boyfriend?

We've been dating about a year and half and we go on dates often about once or twice a week. He usually pays for our dates weather it's dinner or just going out for a milk shake. He's very sweet so I'm planning a fun date just for him but I'm kind of on a budget and need a few more activities for us.

I'm going to take him to a local mall so I planned some things we can do there.

1. Each take 15 min. in the massage chairs he likes and make a nice 15-20 min. playlist for him to listen to while he relaxes in the chairs
2. Take him for ice cream in the food court there's a great ice cream place!
3. Visit the book store we love together

What are a few other fun and affordable activities I could do with him at the mall?


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  • damn that sounds nice. hmm maybe after all that 1 more activity and then food. so that activity could be... well depends if you have money to spend, it can be something fun like go-kart racing :D

    • Hmm go karting would be awesome but they don't that or any kind of arcade stuff at that mall. Boo! :( lol

    • oh its only gonna be at the mall stuff? go through each store and tell each other what you would like to buy for each other and why :D don't actually buy anything though. its a fun little game to pass time.

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  • Photobooth? Arcade? Licking each other's faces?

    • A photo booth would be fun! I'd have to check if they have one at that mall.

  • maybe pick some cool ingredients for you guys to cook a nice dinner later...
    and im not hating here, but i hate those massage chairs at the mall!!! i always laugh at the people who use them.

    • Lol thanks for the sugesstion he loves those chairs he thinks they feel great and they remind me of getting a pedi :)

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