Is it safe to say things are over?

I've been talking to this girl since August. We've texted nearly everyday and seen each other almost every weekend. However, due to my shyness I still haven't kissed her or told flat out told her I like her. The most we've done is cuddle and I've kissed her on the cheek, so we're nothing official.

Anyway, last Friday when we were texting I could tell something was wrong with her that day. We were in the middle of a conversation at about 7pm, and she randomly stopped responding. She ended up reading the message at midnight, 5 hours later, and never responded. I haven't texted her again either, so now it's been 6 days of no contact.

However, her reading/not responding to my messages is nothing new. She used to do it once a week last month, but I would always text her again the next day and start up a new conversation. I got tired of it after a few weeks, so one day after she read/didn't respond to my text, I didn't text her first again. 3 days later she sent me a long message apologizing for her behavior the past few weeks, and she never read/didn't respond to one of my texts again. Until last week.

So what now? It's been 6 days of no contact and I was telling myself I'd be fine never talking to her again, but now that it seems like a possibility I'm actually kind of depressed. So do I text her first, even though she's the one who never responded? Do I sit around and wait/hope for her to text me? I know I friendzoned myself by not making any moves, but we've been talking/hanging out for 5 months now. Even if she only thought of me as a friend, how could she be ok with just completely dropping me like this?


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