Girls, if a guy wanted to take you on a picnic for a first date what would you say?

If he chose a nice spot in a park or something alike, and made it classy and made some nice food.

What would you think about him? Do you think that is a good or bad first date? Would you go on another date with him?

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  • I chose good date because i dont know if you've actually had a good conversation with her before, so i think it depends. If i knew the guy and knew that we would have plenty to talk about then i would go for it, i would still go for it if i didn't know him well though but would be worried we won't have anything to talk about. I would say that if you dont really know her and are worried the conversation won't flow, go to the cinema then eat something small and just talk about the movie. Its perfect because you won't have to talk about something too random as you both have seen it together and then you can just bring up other movies that you watched and ask her if she has seen it and stuff like that. Anyway your question wasn't on what to talk about or what first date is best (sorry, i tend to go off subject quite a bit) so i'll just tell you this. I think it would be really sweet if a guy asked me to go to a picnic, i would love the idea! It proves that you actually want to get to know her instead of leading her on or whatever (this would be a great date if you know you have what to talk about) but if you didn't know her well enough, (it would be a good date still) i would be worried about the flow of the conversation. But obviously it varies between each girl as i am naturally quite an awkward person. So whoever you're planning to ask out, she will most probably say yes especially with a choice of date like that and dont overthink everything, okay? Otherwise you'll twist yourself up and end up thinking and saying completely the wrong things. Good luck though! Hope this helped :D


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  • Sounds great to me! :-)

  • Tbh that would be good. The day would be about us 😍😍


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