I know this is a dumb question but I really feel vulnerable here. He can strike at any given moment where as I can't. Why is he not ticklish?

My boyfriend isn't ticklish... Yet he tickles me at random from time to time.

Its not right its like a cruel joke someone or some thing has played on me. He can tickle me but I can't get even... WHHHYYY?

Please someone explain this abomination to me?

Also since I can't tickle him back what are other good friendly way to get him back (for tickling me)?


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  • My wife takes endless delight in torturing me by pinching, tweaking and nibbling my nipples, which she knows I hate.

    Going in like you want to kiss him then licking the end of his nose instead at the last minute is another good way to get him, another one of my darling wife's favourites.

    • Okay. I will definitely try these. Thanks!

    • Feel kinda bad now, this poor guy's done nothing to me to deserve me giving you those weapons of mass tormenting to use on him...

      Oh well, enjoy!

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  • This is not where I thought this question was going haha


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