Relationship advice? Helpppp?

there's this guy and i met him through my friend. we talk often ( 3/4 times a week ) but over text/snapchat. he doesn't go to my school so i dont see him often. i get these feelings where i think i like him but then i realize i dont but then i do and its just so confusing. how do i know if i like him for sure im just confused!


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  • The only way is to spend more time with him! I'm usually like that with guys I like too, it's just nerves I think. The more you spend time with him the more you'll get to know him properly and know whether or not you really like him or whether it's just a crush :)

    • but what if i spend more time with him and realize that i dont have any feelings for him? thats what im scrared of

    • trust me it's better to know than to keep guessing :) you can still be friends with him if you don't like him!

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