Long distant relationship, we fight a lot, is it normal? How do o fix it? How do I win her affection back when it feels it's skipping away?

My gf and I have been together for over a year, we live 2000 miles apart, both single parents. Our visits are really good, but when we're apart, which is most of the time, we fight. And over the past couple months that seems to be almost constant. Over stupid shit. Like seriously stupid shit. We fight over the fact that we've fought. Well anyways, I hate fighting with her, and is clearly caused serious issues. She has started saying if it doesn't change its over. I'm trying so hard to change it, yet it feels like her effort to make it work is merely not ending it. I want to fix it. There's no reason for this to be happening. I know that I love this woman with every bit of my heart and I know without a doubt she loves me too.
I guess what I'm asking is how do I win her back? How, with this distance can I make up for it and win her over again?


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  • Usually that's a sign that its time to close that distance. If everything is fine when you have your visits its a clue that the distance itself is the true cause of the arguments, that and the fact that petty small things spark arguments.