What does a nerdy guy like myself need to do to get the pretty, smart, and older girl?

I've heard it all before. Nice guys finish last, but what if the guy is not only a nice guy but also a tad bit nerdy. That seems to be the predicament I find myself in. I'm really into this older girl that I know from my old job and have become friends with. The problem is that I'm up against guys such as lawyers, doctors, business men, and well I went back to school how can I compete with those types of guys with established careers? I'm the nerdy nice guy that went back to school to further my education. Hopefully you all can be honest with your responses. Thank you all for reading this long winded speech


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  • To be honest, i ope this doesn't hurt you but i wouldn't date a ounger guy. But this doesn't matter too much as i am under 18 and there is a big gap between looks and the way people act within a year's difference. So dont give up too soon, and dont take this comment too seriously as the way people act at around your age, is roughly the same.

    • Thank you for the honesty. I won't give up

    • Good, just remember not to change yourself just so you can get her! I know its kind of obvious but i find that the more i say it the more it sticks to my brain and even if i know anything by common sence, i'll just completely forget it at the time when the nerves come in so its good to just reinforce things. I dont want to sound like im generalising things its just i find that that works for me so why not try and help others with what I've got right? Anyways good luck :D

    • Of course, no changing who I am. I'm going to stick to being myself... Thanks for the advice and good luck! =)

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  • You'll just have to find a girl thats into nerds, there are some girls that are. Actually there's girls who use to be that nerd with glasses, braces, look ugly, and now that she's beautiful tends to date other good looking people.

  • What is your profession?

    • Financial industry

    • How would you say you take care of the way you look?

    • I say good. Might need a bit more time at the gym since I'm a rather thin guy but other than that I say good

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