Is It Alright That I Feel Down & Sad?

I've never been good with women, so I have never had a real relationship/sex/girlfriend before. I work all day long, and when I am not working I am usually at the gym. I opted to use Tinder to meet women. Over the 1st few days on Tinder, I racked up over 90 matches.

From those matches of course, you get tons of no replies, flakes, etc... but I really hit it off with 3 women... and they are gorgeous and fun to talk to. I have been out on a few dates with each of the women... but sometimes they seem to ignore me or take days upon days to reply.

I have my profile on Facebook hidden, but I often utilize it to figure out things. I took a moment and looked up each of these women on social media... and for each of them, based on old pictures, I found that they were in previous relationships with other men so I read the comments on the pictures.

Girl number 1 was in a relationship for 5 years with a guy, but they broke up 6 months ago.

Gil number 2 broke up with her boyfriend in July and moved out of his place and go her own apartment.

Girl number 3 was engaged, but they broke up.

Each of these women still have pics of them and the guy on their pages.

It just makes me sad... because I feel like they are using Tinder to find a "rebound" guy. I'm a good guy, very caring, hard worker and treat women right... but I feel like I am just their 2nd.

Am I right for feeling this way?

Should I just set aside my feelings and try to continue trying to figure out which 1 of these women is right for me?

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  • These girls didn't know you when you they were in a relationship before, for the first one it seems like enough time has passed.
    It's alright to feel upset, let out how you feel in a constructive way, I understand things can be very frustrating but unless you've found evidence that they use guys you shouldn't stress over it. Also don't give them too much priority in your life until you're at least their boyfriend.


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  • If you don't want them to use you as a rebound don't use them and judge them based on stuff you're secretly looking up on their social media. What do you want a women who's never dated before so her slate is clean?


What Guys Said 2

  • I think it'd be better to ask them directly about this matter.

    • But.. if a girl keeps images of a guy from her past relationship on Facebook, wouldn't that signify she may still have feelings?

    • Sometimes it can, sometimes it can just mean nothing. They're part of their history anyway, isn't he?

    • aren't they*

  • I think you should keep going, is the only way to know for sure