Why does this girl have 2 Facebook accounts and there both current I'm rather confused?

this girl I know from hometown I just discovered today has 2 current Facebook accounts and each is very different from the other in terms of content and types of pictures she posted. one is her in our hometown and featured some very classy pics of her and some pics of waterfront part of town , nothing I would describe as sexual or that would offend anyone. however she also has another account but this ones for her in city she goes to college in and it features several very sexy pictures of her and makes no mention at all of her hometown or features anything about it.

I'm rather confused whats going on here? anyone seen something like this before? its like there is one account for life back home and another for life in the city is that normal? it seems very weird. is she trying to hide something from someone or people she knows back home or in city? I'm left so confused over this I don't even know what to think and both accounts are definity the same girl and in her name which is very unique name for girl her age


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  • Maybe her family are on one and she can't be herself so she has another account.

    • so the city one might be for potentially bad behaviour like drunken party pics? is that whats going on or people from city who she is trying to impress as a more urban person maybe? than girl from small town

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