Do he like me more than a Friend?

The guy I was talking to months ago is back in my life and after the new years party. He was at mutual friend party on news years Me and him be texting since then, he was flirting with me and I was flirting with him back. After party he walk me to my car and we hugged and at the moment we could kissed but I was to nervous and I think he was too. But to night we where texting he was talking about that there was news about his cousin ( is cousin is in the hospital in the ICU) and Im telling him that I hope he cousin turns for the better. He texted back saying Thank you very much that means a lot to me. What I'm trying to get at that I don't know if he likes me still or what because I'm thinking okay he sees only has friend because he opening about his cousin like his personal life and he did open about him at the new years party to me but I don't I just need some advice on this.


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  • I think he seems interested , clues ( he hugged, nervousness trying to kiss, flirting ) =}

    • thats what I thought because he did hug me the party and was flirting but it seem like since then hasn't but I don't know we just been texting him, haven't hungout with him since the party due to the working at the weather. I want to believe he has feelings for me, I just feel like he could be more flirting over text. But it hard to due when he talking about his cousin in the ICU, since that is more important at the moment I don't know men are confusing.