I'm dating a shy (but very sweet) guy?

My sister's boyfriend set me up with his friend. He asked for my number to give to him -- I wasn't expecting a text or a phone call because I was told that he is an extremely shy to himself kind of guy. But to my surprise he texted me right away! And so we went out the next night. He ended up being a super sweet guy, and I guess if he didn't WANT to be there, or was that shy he wouldn't have even contacted me. Despite still being awkward, the date went fairly well. He then went home for Christmas break for two weeks, and kept in some contact. Literally, the second he got home he asks me to hang out again. And since then we've been seeing each other pretty regularly. He holds my hand, kisses me, holds me etc. Again, I assume if he didn't want to see me then he wouldn't bother contacting me. So is it safe to assume he really likes me? Any other general tips for dating a shy person?


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  • Shy person is just like a normal person it just take more time depending in how fast he starts to feel comfortable, maybe the only reason he is shy is because this is new to him... also you why would he call, text, holds you, kiss you, etc. if he didn't liked you? i think your ok! =)


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