What should I do next? Any advice?

Here we go! I saw that girl last semester in college, I have not talked to her yet IRL because i did not had the guts to talk to her. Now in winter break, i recently added her on Facebook (we kinda traded eye contact a couple of times back then) and she accepted me. I talked to her once online and it was ok/good i guess and half an hour basic talking over college. There's the thing, i think she's shy, but i want to get to know her better so should i just start other convos asking questions about her and start from there and then talk to her IRL and etc or should i ask her to hangout/date to get to know her during the break? If you need any more details just ask! Finally, sorry if there are any errors in the text, English is my second language.


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  • Definitely go ahead and ask her to hang out at first. If you like her then try to ask her out on some flirty dates.

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