I need date/pre-date ideas for this girl I like, any suggestions?

I'm planning on asking this girl I like on a pre-date in order to get a better idea of how she feels about me, that and we've only really talked for about a week so while we talk when we're together I haven't gotten to know her very well yet.

My predicament is that neither of us like coffee, and it's cold as balls outside. I don't want to ask her over to study together for our class because we already did that, and we didn't talk that much because she seems like a super solitary studier. What are some other good options for a date/pre-date that I could do?

We go to college in a small town in Minnesota, so art galleries and the like aren't really options. We could go see a movie, but that seems like a last resort option.


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  • ,,"cold as balls outside" lol gonna use that one later. How about... indoor lasertag? Or just invite her over to your place for some hot chocolate and a movie of her choice. Invite others so it's not so awkward


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