Ladies, if you were dating a guy who's mother was a police officer or a soldier, would you be intimidated of that or not?

I ask because my mom is a police officer herself and yes, she was obviously a little over-protective of me during my high school years (when it comes to my peers and the girls I date since she wants me to concetrate on my education and not get sucked into drugs, alcohol, teen pregnancy child support bills and gangs), even when I never asked to be protected. Hell, I'm now almost 20 years old in college now on my way to moving out of my own soon and she's still over-protective of me, lol

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I'll admit, it was a embarrassing to have a mother that was this protective of me but then I just got used it to it.


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  • Not intimidated, just put off. They aren't my kinda people I guess...


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  • No, I would not be intimidated. I might cry a little bit when she leaves the room but that's about it C':
    I want to hear the story of how your mom scared off your ex girlfriend (โŠ™oโŠ™)

    • About 4 years ago, when I introduced my ex to my mom, my mom's feelings towards her were neutral... until she learned that she had two misdemeanors for under-age drinking and how her personality tends to be (She's a huge party girl). My mom ended up giving her a scowl look and then my ex asked me to escort her back home as soon as possible because she couldn't handle my mom's negative stares toward her.

  • I can understand your feelings, my dad is in police and he is OVER PROTECTIVE.

  • My mother was in the armed forces, so I wouldn't be intimidated

    • I see. Then again, I can't generalize police men and women and military men and women since not all of them are strict and over-protective like my mother is of me. You have no idea how embarrassing it was for me when she scared off one of my ex-girlfriends one time.

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  • I don't like cops period

    • Why is that? Do they constanty pull you over and harrass you?

    • Nope only got pulled over once, but I didn't get anything he just told me to make sure I hate my car inspected it was over due, but most of them are crooks and just become police officers for the power trip.

  • I'd be intimidated by a girls mom if she was an officer haha

    • Why? Have you done drugs or anything illegal?

    • No...
      Authority figures though.