Ugh RANT. Should I just move on?

So there's a guy I thought liked me. Everytime we have sex he looks at me and said "I like you" and cuddles with me all night. He introduces me to all his friends and shows me off. He includes me in his life, but now all that shit doesn't matter. We weren't "dating" but we were in that gray area. But I saw this girls Facebook in this town he is visiting in california (he's there right now). He barely texted me and I think I know why. He was flirting with this girl and talking to her like he really likes her in her pictures. She's a model too! Like WHY did he play me? Is it because I'm here and that other girl is over there? I don't fucking understand why some guys think its okay to do that. He's gonna come back and want me again. Should I just move on? or am I exaggerating?


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  • Ahh, I hate guys like that, and I am a guy
    Honestly he's just an asshole, I don't know you but I know you deserve better
    Just move on and if his pathetic face comes crawling back to you turn him down
    Move on, even if you really liked him,
    It sounds like he was just using you for your body, and he probably will do the same to that other girl he's "dating" now
    there's no need to be hung up on a guy that doesn't even take a minute out of his day to text you
    Just find someone that you can actually have a relationship with
    And no, you're not exaggerating, even if you were in a gray area he should have broken it all off completely when he left ir not hooked up with someone else
    Anyways I'm done, find a guy that will respect you and makeyou happy

    • The thing is, i don't even know for sure if he's talking to her. But it's weird. I'm basically assuming that there's someone else is in the picture, because I have the feeling that I'm not his first option. I don't wanna date someone, but I want to be a first option. Nothing else. Is that so hard? I'm over it. Thanks for your input!

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  • If you're stupid enough to put yourself in a position where you can be "used" then you deserve everything you get.

  • Right now you're just an friends with benefits to him... break the benefits and see how he reacts then. Question is, can you go without sex with him


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  • Yes, id move on. He's not invested enough to "date" you, or keep it in his pants

    • He wants to take me on a date soon apparently. But I don't know why he's doing all of that shit when he knows i can see it.

    • Because you're giving him what he wants. He's interested in you of course, but he's not ready to just choose you. And that's kinda low

    • Yeah cause if he was really ready to choose just me, I doubt he'd do that where I can see it. I think I might just block him, but I'm worried that he'll text me when he's back and suck me back in...

      I might just keep it real if I hang with him again, which will ONLY be if he makes the effort and actually offers to take me out. Otherwise, I'm gonna be "busy".