Potential gf has a kid?

I've been with this girl for about a month and I really like her, she's suits me so well and I just found she has a kid! I was shocked and now I have a bit of mixed feeling about this, should I keep seeing her? Have any of you been in this situation?

Kid doesn't even live with her, so yeah


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  • yo if you are scared by the kid thing then you aren't man enough to be dating her or to be getting in her pants for that matter! either you truly love her or you don't. If not bow out now. My father did that for my mom with my half sister. He didn't care. Either man up dude and love her for who she is or back off. Feelings shouldn't change due to a kid in the mix. If it does you need to reevaluate who you are as a person.


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  • My mom was a single mom and I accepted my stepfather perfectly. Try not to be too afraid and please be friendly to the child. He/she will open up to you once they see you make their mom happy

    • My stepfather I consider my dad and he has been in my family for 14 years.

    • Honestly my stepfather shaped me to be the woman I am. today. not all step children are bad kids. It just takes a brave man or woman to step up.

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  • Why would u have mixed feelings?
    I've dated a girl who has a kid, it didn't bother me at all

    It was her who I was interested in, and her kid is a part of her. I accepted that fact quickly.. That's how much I appreciated her, it doesn't change who she is, it's just another extra room to adore.
    Now the only problem u need to accept and something I've encountered was

    High chances she's gonna see her baby's daddy, high chances something may spark again, high chances he's not gonna like u lol
    High chances the kid will not accept u
    The challenges are all there, but non of them will change how she feels about u and what made u like about her

  • Casual dating, maybe. But a relationship, sorry, no. That's a dealbreaker for me. If I find myself in a position to be raising kids, they'll be my own or biologically related to me.

  • Having a kid is a red flag to be vetted. Failing to mention having a kid for a month is all three strikes. Get out while you can.

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