How can I make the guy I like miss me?

I want the boy I really like to miss me, and message me and want to see me.
We've been seeing each other a while, but I don't want it to fizzle out. He says he hates texting every day because he hates it and finds being on the phone all the time boring and less interesting than talking a few times a week.

What should I do?
Upload pictures of me looking my best, send him pictures via snapchat of me looking my best, or simply ignore him?

I really like him, and I don't want to loose him, but then again I want him to realise and make him think that I am hot and make him want to see me.


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  • Stage a kind of accident where it's more than likely that you died but not 100%

    Then lay low for a while and watch him through the grapevine as he melts and grieves over you till he realises what he has lost.
    Then surprise him that you miraculously survived and your relationship will enter a new honeymoon period!


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