Should I invite girl I barely know for drink over internet?

I talked with her like two times. It seems interesting, but I don't want to ruin before start.

So should I ask her over the social network, hey blah blah. So what do you think about getting a drink or something to eat at...

Or should I just wait and ask her personal.

Thank you


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  • What have you got to lose? You aren't gonna get to know her any better over the internet

    • Yeah, so what and how should I ask?

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    • But what the heck. So I'll be like hey how are you bla bla. And after that hey why not to share numbers, so I'll be able to text you later... After that I'll just text her over phone? Isn't that useless?

    • So skip the number part, *facebook message*
      "Hey, you wanna grab a bite sometime?"

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  • Definitely word it better.

    Say, "I'd like to take you out to eat".

    If you say for a drink, I'd immediately be turned off.
    Because you don't ask someone that unless you want to hook up with them right away.
    That is the impression they would get because alcohol intake lowers your decision making.


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  • get her number over social network. then talk to her and then ask her out over text or call.

  • Yes you should.

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