For the last few days my boyfriend has been ignoring my texts.

For the last few days my boyfriend has been either ignoring my text or answering them with short responses like k and alright when it doesn't make any sense, but everyday when I see him he acts fine hugs me and kisses me as if everything is normal... can anyone give me advice on what to think


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  • I suggest.. don't over think it.. He is probably just busy. If he replies with long messages all the time and starts texting you all the time, then you would begin to think he is clingy.. am I right? That's how things work.. but really you shouldn't think anything of it.. If your concerned that he might be cheating on you, then there are other ways to find out.. like call him instead of texting him.. and leave a message if he doesn't pick up.. and if he doesn't call you back, don't text him.. Keep it the old fashioned way.. Call.. leave a message.. wait for the call back.

    • Thank you I'm not worried of him cheating I'm just worried that he will get bored or just get over me and I really don't want to lose him or anything : )

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