If your gf is hanging out with a guy, would you want to know?

My relationship with my bf is a little different than my previous relationships... he doesn't make plans with me & I cannot count on hearing from him everyday; typically every other day. I asked him to get together Saturday but he never responded or called back when I called him.

Tonight, I want to get drinks and play pool, so I asked my old friend to get together and he is down for it. Should I call my bf to tell him or if he calls me, mention it.

Would you want to know what your girl was doing?

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  • If he calls you, tell him
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And no, I am not doing this out of spite if that is what it seems. It's been a long week and I would like to go out tonight... preferably with my man but I know he won't reach out unfortunately. I don't hold relationships with men that I have previous been romantically or sexually involved with or men that have tried to pursue me.
As far as my girlfriends, sometimes you just want a low key night and to kick back a few beers... unfortunately I dont have any gf's that would find tonight exciting
I've decided to just let him call me and then tell him...


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  • If he calls tell him, but like you said your not really in a normal relationship where you keep in touch so why even tell him if he hasn't phoned?
    I never would hang out with a girl especially without my gf knowing, but I speak to her a lot so it's different.


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  • Hang out with the people you like, it'd be better if you call him too.

    • You see, when I call him, I feel like I am annoying him. I feel that way because he doesn't always call me back the same day and while I have reached out to him, I don't like the feeling of continuing to reach out because then it seems like I am nagging or needy or what ever other term men use to describe gf the call or text often.

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    • Ask my bf? I already tried to make plans with him and he didn't respond to my text of return my call yesterday... So I reached out to a friend this morning to get together. Now I don't know if I am supposed to call my bf again to let him know what I am doing... or just see if he calls me and let him know?

    • He may break-up with you for this. But you should live comfortably.

  • Is he okay with u hanging around with ur guy friends most of the time?

    • I don't hang out with my guy friends really because I don't ever want to put them ahead of my relationship. This would be the first time honestly.

    • Just go enjoy urself.. u can tell him whenever u want to u are going out with ur friend u aren't doing any crime..

    • When u he asks why u just tell him it was long week and u seemed uninterested..!

  • You don't have to tell him. it's you private life

    • Well that is easy lol.

    • that's just the way I am. I don't tell anyone anything

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  • Sounds like you should ditch the barely existant bf & be happy being single

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