Does he not want to date anymore?

This guy and I have a complicated relationship. We act like a couple, and both want to be together one day. We've made plans for our future together, said "I love you" and discussed why dating now wouldn't be a good idea at the present moment, and subsequently arranged for when we will become a couple in a few years. This was something that I felt comfortable with for the most part, however, I asked what his opinion on us dating now was - as an act of curiosity - to which he replied "Not right now" and "I don't want to at the moment". I should have seen this response coming, yes. But I fail to register what the value placed on the prepositional phrases "at the moment" and "right now" is. Do these hold their true meaning, or does he just not want to date at all anymore, even in the future? Is he hiding the fact that he wanted to say "No, I don't want to date at all anymore"? Or should I take it that what he said holds integrity and bares truthful resemblance towards his intentions of dating in the future? Does he really mean that he just doesn't want to date at the present time? Or is he covering the fact that he never does, just to protect my feelings?


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  • He does want to date you. The future cannot be planned, you both have no idea how you will feel when you're older and the poiny is he doesn't want to date you now, I wouldn't hold your breath. Even adults use this phrase and it means "no, I don't want to date you but I want you around in case nothing better comes along or I want sex".

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