im curious how many of you guys and girls have side pieces?

Social media (vine and anything with memes) and people i know are constantly talking about side bitches, or side niggas (i was born and raised in SB we all say nigga) anyway i was wondering is it that common to have side pieces or do i just pay too much attention to social media?


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  • I know people like this I really loathe the idea that its considered normal / acceptable to have a side chick/side dude 1. The side person is accepting the fact that they ain't shit, second best , a secret & this person is supposed to be committed to someone else & yet they willingly accept this fact they're even proud... now that's what I call stupid bitches be it man or woman.
    2. a lot of these rappers boasting about bitches & money... are on the DL & broke ! I lovee hip hop but the fact is the industry is full of predators look @ birdman its a known fact that he's a Pedo/ DL sleezebag, diddy... a lot of these niggas its all about marketing think of it like the rapper is a product /product spokesperson, whos the target audience? Young black & Hispanic kids.. who watched our parents break theirbacks ggrowing up now you have some MF on TV rhyming basically saying "hey imma dealer , I'm my own boss, I have bad bitches, baby mommas, gold chains etc..." BUTTTT!! Those chains & cars are rented for the rappers image, the reality of being a drug dealer is not all cool & badass , these bad bitches they speak of are thirsty gold diggers, "baby mommas" other wise known as girls who got knocked up & left to raise the kid alone... anyways getting carried away...

    • Yeah you're right i was gonna throw that music industry shit in there too but i wasn't sure if it applied to country music and other genres i never hear them talking bout " i got two bitches for me and one for all of ma niggas" thanks for your opinion

    • Yeah well country music is slick with it but do write a lot of songs about adultery or leaving their wives & regardless of genre I'm sure the industry is shady allover

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  • I don't know anyone who hasn't had one or two 'extra pieces'

  • What's a side piece because obviously I don't have one lol


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  • Apparently I'm not trashy enough to have one, whatever it is.

  • I have 50.


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