Is this girl playing with me or does she like me?

So there was a girl I messaged and we hit it off and I finally got her number.. we texted about everything and she did mention that she HATE texting all day and our mutual friend also told me she did.. I finally asked her on a date, but she bailed, but eventually we rescheduled and when we met we talked and related about everything. We had intellectual conversations and we kept talking until the restaraunt closed on us. When we left I took her to her car and we said we should do it again. Unfortunately she was moving a few days later. She told me it was unfortunate we met at a bad time. Even though she moved we still texted a little then it stopped. My birthday came up and she texted me happy birthday really early. We talked all day on my bday getting to know eachother more. She than basically said that me talking to her means something. We talked more and eventually she fell asleep on me and I texted her goodnight. Next morning she apologized and we talked more about whatever and then she suddenly stopped after asking me a question (typical) I saw some snaps and texted her again saying she was beautiful. She then said :thank hunny bunny :p". She was dressing up to go out with friends and I told her to have fun and she'll haAve all the guys lookin. She said she hopes not and thank you. I responded "idk why you wouldn't, but have fun". No response after. My real question after this whole story is if she likes me or not. I never met someone who is not good or enjoy texting. She told me I'm one of the very few she's gone a date with. She's a good girl. Can I get some advice?


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  • Game recognizes game... she likes the attention but she's not ready for committing. Unless...
    What was her reason for bailing?
    Where did she move to/for what?

    • Her reason was that she was asleep all day and she had her close sibling come in town to go celberate with (very close with them). Moved to a nearby city to finish school. It seems like she does like me, but I do not know. We just have so much in common. I hate that she's awful with texting sometimes. But when we do chat it's nonstop and seems like she cares

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