Should I try to start a new relationship with my ex?

So, just over a year ago I broke up with my girlfriend.
The main reason was that we had spent so much time around each-other (for the month or two before the break-up), however it didn't end in the best of ways, and so we went our own ways. Throughout this, we've maintained contact (and with many ups and downs) we're on good terms again.
We've both made it clear that we still care, in one way or another for each-other, but, she has said that because we haven't really met up at all in the following year, and we've both changed a fair amount throughout that year, that I didn't really have her interest.

Is it worth my while attempting to meet up again (she's in uni and moved a fair distance away) in an attempt to prove that I worth a second chance?

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  • Move on man


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