Any way to recover after coming off needy?

Was seeing a for three months, but then she got more distant. I confronted her about it, but came across really needy. Is there any way to recover from this? Or did I basically screw things up because I came off needy and insecure?


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  • the thing with people is, if they're into you, they'll let you know (putting aside people who play with others' feelings just for the game). once you've made it clear how you've felt, i don't really believe there is anything left for you to do. since you've already confronted her, unless there was anything you wanted to apologize for or feel she might have misinterpreted, the ball is in her court. she might need some time to think about the relationship. and 3 months is a while but it's still short enough where you can come out of everything okay. she might have just realized that you both aren't as compatible as she thought. and that's okay, that's part of what dating is. but it's not fair to leave someone hanging. and if you feel you're in limbo then i would ask her where you stand as a couple. if you are satisfied with her answer then great. if not, i think you should probably move on.


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