How to tell my crush I like him?

Okay, so me and my crush are both freshmens. We were friends last year but we stopped being friends because he kept calling me a bitch. 😑 But, then we made up and then I moved and I messaged him "hii" on Facebook and we started talking and now we're "married." We're getting ring pops and all. So immature xD But, anyway I came back to school yesterday and he called my name and ran to me and we started hugging and stuff. Then, he messaged me on Facebook saying "you're mine and you looked amazing." I'm still nervous to tell him that I like him. What if he thinks of me as his friend? A lot of girls like him too and they might get mad at me.


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  • Girly opinion,
    In my perspective it seems like he i's just flirting ( to have fun) i wouldn't keep my hopes up on him just the fact that you haded to make the 1st move on FB. If you didn't would y'all still be talking?
    You should also let him know about your feelings towards him.

    hope this helps (:

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