Should I allow him to be my boy friend?

So me and this guy have had sex (multiple times) and we like each other and everything. He wants to ask me to be his gf, but I don't know if I'm ready for that (I've never been in a relationship) is there a reason why? or am I just being silly?


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  • It seems, cherrychapstick, that with having 'Had sex multiple times,' you were Ready and raring for This, however, that doesn't mean you are Gun Ho about Being-----His gf.
    You need to be Up close and personal And Honest with him here, dear. Tell him you really like him, you enjoy his company and things you both share, but you would like to stay friends for now until you know one another better, and can nurse and nurture this friendship for awhile and see if it Could go into Something a bit more Real down the road.
    I don't know if you might be thinking of a Friends with benefits factor. However, don't label it right now, just go slow with the flow, and find out if there might be more in store without going down a beaten path of War of the Roses.
    If he really likes you this much, he will respect your decision and together, as a team, you can work this out.
    Good luck. xx