Does he like me as a friend or more? Why hasn't he made a move? What should I do to move it in the right direction?

1. Met online three weeks ago. I'm 25. He's 29.
2. Went out for coffee first time.
3. Texted every day in between (both flirty and general how is your day going kind of stuff).
4. Went out for a burger. Had a good time.
5. Went out a third time but right before tells me his buddy is coming too.
6. Met up with him and his friend who turned out to be fun and had a good time.
7. He mentions maybe doing something the next day with me.

But through all of this... he hasn't made a move!

Am I in the friend zone?


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  • What type of guy is he? Is he slightly introverted or shy perhaps? Or do you think he's the type of guy that would hesitate before making a move (if he wanted to)? I'm never too sure if it's too early (or too late) to try to make a move, he might be the same. Taking his friend along when it's only your third date does seem a bit though...


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  • I personally did the same thing he did pretty much. I get super nervous when it comes to relationship stuff. I can set stuff up but making the first major moves can be hard. I think it sounds like you're in a good place, but try to help him propel it by maybe giving him a hint of some sort.

    • How do I give him a hint? What Would work? I tried kind of touching my leg/knee against his but he didn't seem to notice and kept readjusting the chair..

      Thanks for your response!

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    • I mean if it's anything like my situation (and so far it's word for word, although it varies person to person) any hint would probably do the trick. I would suggest talking about how happy you are to have met him, or talking about how much happier you've been the recent days with him compared to days before. If it's too difficult to get those kinds of words out I'd suggest trying to do something that'd give you an opportunity to relax with him. Make him feel comfortable, get close, and if he still doesn't take advantage of the opportunity to tell you how he feels, he either doesn't feel so or he's about as nervous as I was. Not all guys are nervous like me but this one sounds like it so I think you're in good shape.

    • That is kind of weird. What we were doing wasn't necessarily dating because nothing was totally established but I did have a friend hit me up the third time around and he came over and we hung out and it was a good time all around.

  • Not friendzoned. perhaps an ex told him he moved too fast so he is overcompensating the other direction with you.


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  • Nope. Your in the process of a possible relationship.