One date, many texts, and strange situations... what do they add up to?

I am trying online dating for the first time and I met a guy through OkCupid that I got on well with. We have similar interests, our lifestyles mesh well, we have the same expectations and desires from a relationship, and there's a lot of chemistry. We both preferred to get to know each other online awhile before dating and we did so for about 8 weeks before he asked me out and we had a great first date. We've continued to text since then and discussed going out again but due to holidays, an injury, availability and work schedules, we haven't gone back out again. It's been almost another 2 months at this point. There is no indication that he's losing interest, we continue to text frequently and both have entrusted the other with pretty personal information. He even checks in with me when he's going to be away from his phone for an extended time just to let me know he'll be unavailable and when he'll be back around. If it weren't for the fact that he has had a few days off that would have worked out for a date where he went out with friends and never asked me out, I'd figure life was just complicated for the moment and I'd be patient but him going out with friends when he could be making some time for me is giving me doubts about just how into me he is. I'm pretty secure and don't over-analyze but 2 months is kind of ridiculous to be waiting for a second date. Finances have been tight because of aforementioned injury, holidays and work changes, but I'm not high maintenance. I'm happy to go dutch or do something cheap/free. I'm pretty into this guy and I'm pretty confident he's into me at least as much as I am, but this long wait is throwing me for a loop. What's going on?


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  • Do you live in the same place?