Should I have replied?

So it's been going really good with this guy, I can honestly say I'm just waiting for Him to officially ask me out. Since I start school shortly I came on vacation, and so on Saturday (today) it will b a week I have Been gone. Before leaving we were texting and he told me he would love to see me before leaving, and so I told him it would be great if We saw each other Saturday before I left ( like he could go see me at my work). I made him aware of what hours id
Be working, what time I started, what time my shift ended, and at what time I'd be leaving. This all happened Thursday, and what did I receive? No reply. No reply all day Thursday, Friday , or Saturday. So I got To work and told my friend about it,
She thought it was weird because he is no like that, she even told me not to worry about it that he was probably planning to surprise me at work., and well you can imagine me all excited waiting for him to come, & surely he didn't. I was so upset I left on my vacation confused and concerned and I did not get a text from him until Tuesday. All he said was " hey, you forgot About me already" in my head I was like " you forgot about me and I was still home" so I ddnt reply. Anyway point being today my friend told me that he never got the message where I told him when I would be working/ leaving, but. Something inside felt it was all BS. He text me today, just saying " hi" I told him we"d talk as soon as I got home, was that good or bad? Is that a legitimate excuse " I ddnt receive your text" bc honestly it sounds like BS to me. Idk?

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  • BS all the way! If he cared he would have texted with or without knowing your schedule. Go find better lady. :)

    • Man :(
      Like I said sounds like a
      Bunch load of freakin' bs.
      It' kills, so you think I should you completely
      Block him out, or should I talk to him when I get back home?

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    • Have fun you are young, however finish school, stick to your goals and take of your self first. Random dick will come and go; Mr. Right would have called and/or texted in those three days. And for the love of whatever entity you believe in just cause a guy makes you orgasm doesn't mean he's your soulmate ;).

    • Yop those will for
      Sure always be my priorities, distractions like these will happen but I guess it's part of
      Life lol. And noo actually it's different my intake in love is perhaps a bit different, what made me " fall" for this guy was
      That he was respectful of all my beliefs, he even came to talk to my dad to get his ok on us dating, that's why his behavior confused me and made me feel bad for believing he was actually into me

  • He is playing with you stop talking to him


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