Widow seems to be after my boyfriend?

my boyfriend owns his own business (custom cabinets.. etc) so a large % of his clients are women. We have been together for over 3 years and we have known each other since high school. He is a nice looking guy and neither one of us look anywhere near our ages. I have had guys ask me out.. and as soon as I tell them I am involved they are respectful and back off. But women.. jesus! He has one client in particular.. she married a very wealthy man nearly 30yrs her senior (yea.. a gold digger) well he died. My bf had remodeled kitchens in both of her homes when her husband was still alive. She contracted him to do more work over the last year.. and she kept adding on to her projects. He was there 8 months! I asked him if he felt she was interested in more than his work.. he said she never did anything to make him feel uncomfortable but he sensed that if he gave her the impression he was interested.. she would respond. She was making lunch for him every day that he worked at her house which to me speaks volumes. She makes sure she stays in touch with him all year (she spends her winters away). He informed her that he had a girlfriend.. so she is aware of me. But she constantly "flirts" in the sense of being extremely friendly (even though she is seeing someone). He has assured me that I have nothing to worry about.. he said he never found her attractive and certainly wouldn't want to be involved with her lifestyle (she is a heavy drinker). I guess my question is since she knows he is seeing someone.. why does she continue to flirt? I feel she is really after him where he thinks she is just mildly interested because of his abilities as a handyman.


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  • She probably has tradesman fantasies.

    • LOL!!! I guess I should clarify that he and I are both college educated people. If you saw him you would never think he in the line of work he is.. he doesn't look "blue collar" in any way. He is very intelligent and articulate.

    • Probably likes him even more then, friendly, polite, smart man who is also good with his hands.

      For a lonely widow that would be irresistible. I mean you could hardly blame her. I actually hope they do have sex. Just for poetic purposes.

    • Opinion Owner.. yes.. it probably is irresistible but it makes her look slutty and I think she knows better than to put it out there like that. I can assure you that he will not have sex with her.. he and I are both saved christians.. we don't believe in just sleeping with someone and feel there should be an established relationship. I think that is her angle.. to try to establish something. So that is will develop into more.. he clearly stated to me that she is not his type in any way.. I guess it just irritates me that she knows he is seeing someone and still continues.

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  • She sounds as if she is trying desperately to get your boyfriend to notice her and it's clearly not working, when people can't have what they want it usually turns into an obsession and the need to control. Your partner sounds decent and it's good he is honest with you, I just hope this women doesn't turn bunny boiler on your boyfriend

    • She has a boyfriend who lives far away.. and my boyfriend thinks that her friendliness is just that. He doesn't and has never has casual sex.. we are both born again christians. We rarely drink other than an occasional glass of wine together.. she is a heavy party person. But she uses her money to keep him working at her house.

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