Me and my girlfriend are drifting apart and I want her back?

It just feels like me and my girl are drifting apart I mean when ever I try to meet up with her or take her out on a date she always says I'm busy or that she has school work. Also we uses to FaceTime every night because she wasn't much of a texter but we don't as much. In school I try and see her as much as possiable and I have told her what's on my mind but she won't listen. I've tried to win her back by giving her flowers, kissing her more, telling her she's beautiful more and other things but it's not working. And I just want to remember why I love her, I want to feel her touch, I want her back. Help me


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  • I know exactly how this feels. Me and my ex was together for two years suddently he just started to play video games and nearly replied me, but we hang out everyday. He didn't care about what I had to say and that I didn't wanted to lose him. 2 days ago he broke up with me.
    It seems like she doesn't know the value of you and takes you for granted. Let her go and ignore her for a month, then she will see what she lost. The more you hold her, the more you will lose her. Wait for her to come back to you and when she does hang out with her as a friend for a while before getting back together

    • Thanks this helped! And I'm sorry about you and your boyfriend that sucks :/ you'll find someone better don't worry! X

    • I loved him so much, so I'll wait at least a year before start dating again, I don't want to be as hurt as I became