Never been in this situation before?

Is it weird that my friend and my ex still hang out together because their kids (from different baby mama and dada's) get along?


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  • No. I see that all the time. If someone's kid hangs out with someone else's they usually want to get to know the parents of their kid's friend and sometimes they become friends themselves. That's usually good because the kids get to hang out more often. They just happen to be your ex and your friend.
    But I know why you're asking, you might think that your ex is interested in your friend now and are using the kids as an excuse. That's a possibility. But if so, then your ex is a terrible person and your friend has no class.

    • That puts my mind at ease. Even more so that he mentions he has no romantic interest in her as well.

      Yes. If she goes after him. I think she will end up making a fool of herself. It will just show him she is not respectful of my feelings, has no morals and no class I reckon.

    • I ended up mentioning to him she might try make a move. Just so he is aware. Feel bad for doing that but if she is not respecting my feelings. I have gotta be prepared for it.

      If it backfires then they do not deserve to be in my life. That simple.

    • If those are her intentions, it sucks that you have to lose two people in your life, but she was never your friend if she will disrespect you like that.

  • Yes he is probably not over her yet. When you make babyes you give your soul to the other woman and if they got more than one kid she ment a lot for him. Your friend is not a good friend and problably in love or intrersted in him and I promise she won't tell you

    • They don't have kids with each other. They have kids from past relationships. We stopped hanging out because I still had feelings for him.

      They will still hang out because their kids hang out. The guy says he has no romantic feelings for her (when I have asked) that is all it is.

      I actually trust him more then her and even ended up mentioning she might make a move and how real friends would not do that if she did.

      But think it might be fine hopefully.

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    • Its not good for you to hold on friends like that, I used to do it, when you leave them you realize how bad they was. I would never accept my friend hanging out with my ex, no matter what

    • No. He and I were not serious but we were intimate. She should still respect that. If this were the other way around I would.

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